Why is North Bay FIG becoming a Naturally Network affiliate?  

    Joining Naturally Network allows us, and members, to have a national voice and engagement with other thought leaders and mission-driven communities within our industry. Being an affiliate allows for collaboration on a larger scale on important issues such as DE&I and climate change, along with the sharing of best practices, and building a larger community of mutual support and success. Together we can make a difference.

    On a local level, being an affiliate allows us to offer you a broader suite of programming and events, expand our community outreach using social media platforms, provide sponsorship, and membership opportunities, just to name a few. Other new features will include a shared job board with national reach and a space for national networking.


    Why did your name change?  

    Becoming an affiliate of Naturally Network enables us to embrace a larger network. Although our name has changed, our mission will not. In addition to our new and expanded offerings, you can continue to rely on our strong sense of community, collaboration, and mentorship along with our signature working groups and events that you have come to know and love. We remain dedicated to our purpose of fostering a thriving specialty food and natural products community in the North Bay.


    What is Naturally Network?  

    Naturally Network is a national nonprofit network of regional organizations that share the common purpose of nurturing the integrity and growth of the natural, specialty and organic products industry. It serves as a national hub to support and provide resources and connections for companies at all stages and of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, both private and public within the natural, specialty and organic products industry. With affiliates from coast to coast, Naturally Network unites regional companies under one organization for broader mutual benefits. Visit naturallynetwork.org to learn more.


    How did Naturally Network start?  

    Naturally Network became an official organization in August 2020 after years of mounting interest to further expand the model of Naturally Boulder, a 1,400-member natural products organization. This model-adaptation has become rapidly popular as different geographic regions seek to provide resources to support local natural, specialty, and organic companies and communities.


    What are other Naturally Network affiliates?  

    In addition to Naturally North Bay, the current Naturally Network affiliates are Naturally Austin, Naturally Bay Area, Naturally Boulder, Naturally Chicago, Naturally New York, and Naturally San Diego.


    Do the Sponsorship and Member levels remain the same?  

    In 2021, the membership fees remain the same as 2020 with the addition of a new level of Sponsorship called “Emerging Brand.” This category is for companies that have freshly started and are climbing the growth ladder. They can find great value in our community and we want to encourage their growth and success by providing benefits in their early years.

    An Individual Membership is also now available for individuals who do not work for a Member Company but wish to be a part of our community. Click here to see all the 2021 Company Member and Sponsorship levels.


    What are the different Sponsorship and Member Levels?  

    We’re so glad you asked. Click here to see all the 2021 Company Member and Sponsorship levels.


    Will there still be associate members and sponsors?  

    We no longer make the distinction between associate members and company members.


    Will we still have working groups?  

    Yes! We are still having working groups, however we are now calling them cohorts. Cohorts are where the nuts and bolts of our collaboration happen. The ability to participate is your biggest value in joining Naturally North Bay.


    How do I join Naturally North Bay?  

    We are excited for you to join our community! Click here for more information.


    How do I become a sponsor?  

    Your support will strengthen our North Bay natural, specialty, and organic products community through best practice sharing and relationship building. You will receive recognition among the movers and shakers in the North Bay and beyond. Sponsorship contributions are tax deductible. Thank you. Click here.


    Will the meetings be in-person or virtual?  

    Currently, all Naturally North Bay events are online via Zoom and will be for the foreseeable future. Thus, pet interruptions, wacky backgrounds, crying children, being on mute, etc. are expected. It is our intention to return to in-person events when it is deemed safe to do so.


    Will the Pioneer Awards still exist?  

    Yes! An end of the year event will still occur. We look forward to celebrating contributions of those in our community with both the Pioneer Award and the Next Generation Award. Planning is underway, however with the uncertainty around the COVID-19 climate, this will most likely be a virtual event. We will make an official announcement in the coming months.


    What is the events calendar for 2021?