Our Founding Members

Naturally North Bay wouldn't exist without these folks. Be nice to them -- or, better yet, become one of them. From small to large, they're all committed to supporting our community, mission and activities.

  • Amy’s Kitchen

    At Amy’s, we choose what’s best for our customers, our farmers, our employees and our planet. It’s a tall order, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We were organic before it was a national certification. So when the U.S. Department of Agriculture decided to create standards for organic, they looked to us for guidance. Together with other industry leaders, we helped pioneer the organic food industry and, more importantly, we helped make organic food available to more people. All of our dishes are non-GMO and we’re a proud supporter of GMO labeling initiatives. Because we believe that people have a right to know what they put in their bodies. We were also one of the first to market with non-BPA-lined cans, and we’re happy to see many other food companies following our lead. 


    Our commitment to organic ensures that farmers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides. We’ve earned a reputation among farmers for being too picky and overly demanding. This is something we’re proud of. Because we don’t manufacture food, we cook it with love. And we believe that if we care about everything we do and everyone we cook for, then you’ll be able to taste the love. Our goal is to do things the right way. Right by our customers. Right by our farmers. Right by our family of employees. And right by our Earth. The right way isn’t always the smart way or the easy way, but it’s the only way we’re interested in.

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  • Cowgirl Creamery

    At Cowgirl Creamery, we believe in organic dairy as a force for good. We know firsthand the power of organics and its role in sustainable agriculture to support healthy communities and delicious food. We believe that the secret ingredient to delicious cheese starts with the land. That’s why we partner with local dairies in Marin and Sonoma counties to source the organic, pasture-based, cow’s milk for everything we make.
    Twenty-five years after our founding, we’re carrying the torch for the food revolution that started in our backyard and inspired our founders. We’re still using it to cultivate goodness in the people, land and communities around us.

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  • Clover

    We believe that raising the bar begins with demanding integrity in our practices, the treatment of our animals, and the quality of our products—all of which, is our promise to you. We keep our promise to our families, our customers and our planet everyday by remaining independent and family owned, giving back to the community, and continuing to lead the way for others in the dairy industry.

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  • Guayaki

    At Guayakí we’re about much more than just mate: we believe yerba mate culture is an invitation to life. Embodied in our mantra, COME TO LIFE is an invitation to personal, social, ecological and cultural regeneration. 


    Yerba mate has the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate, all in one beverage. Of the six commonly used stimulants in the world: coffee, tea, kola, cocoa, and guarana, yerba mate triumphs as the most balanced and healthful while it



    Brewed from the naturally caffeinated and nourishing leaves of the species of holly native to the South American Atlantic rainforest (Ilex paraguariensis), it contains 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, and abundant polyphenols. 


    The more Guayakí Yerba Mate you enjoy, the more impact you make. We call it Market Driven Regeneration™and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

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  • La Tortilla Factory

    Our story is simple, and one we’re proud to share.
    Our founders, Jose and Mary Tamayo, set out to bring authentic Mexican flavors to California in 1977. They put down roots in Sonoma County and discovered a forward thinking, culinary community of farmers and foodies that supported and fostered their mission; bringing better food to your table.
    Driven by the family’s personal health goals and also the requests of our loyal customers, La Tortilla Factory quickly earned and embraced the title of innovators in the tortilla field–a highly coveted position. We developed the first low carb tortilla, a flexible, gluten free tortilla, and an organic tortilla (way before organic was cool) because we feel very strongly that no one should have to go without tacos. No one.
    To keep our pledge to better and our innovation game strong, we have assembled a team that continues to find ways to clean up our ingredients statements and make our products even tastier. We’ve always chosen to be part of the solution rather than the problem so we’ve begun to nix the bad stuff like dough conditioners, and mono and dyglicier-whats??, that may make tortillas easier to produce, but are not exactly items you find in your pantry. Real food. Call us crazy.
    Simply stated, our tortillas are better. Better ingredients, better for you, better tasting, and better for eating on the go. Because we all deserve better!

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  • Manzana Products

    Manzana Products is a historic apple cannery nestled in the heart of Sonoma County’s Green Valley. Celebrating 100 years in 2022, Manzana specializes in producing superior quality apple juices, apple sauces, and apple cider vinegars.  We strive to maintain the integrity and excellence of our timeless recipes by ensuring only the highest quality ingredients are used;  USA grown certified organic apples, never from concentrate, no added sugars, preservatives, colorings, or flavorings. Pure, fresh, and clean is our motto, giving our products a taste like biting into a fresh-picked apple!

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  • Darey Brands- Formerly Redwood Hill Farm

    For over fifty years, Redwood Hill Farm has led the charge to bring the great benefits of goat dairy to communities across the country. At the heart of what we do is a deep love for our goats and for their delicious, nourishing milk.

    Over the next half-century, Jennifer Bice built on her affection for these endearing animals with her pioneering farm—which became the first Certified Humane® goat dairy in the United States—her award-winning herd that is famous among breeders, and the creamery she built only a few miles down the road. Jennifer’s dream was to share the undeniable goodness of goats and their incredibly nutritious milk with people from coast to coast. Today, that’s still our mission and our passion.

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  • Straus Family Creamery

    Straus Family Creamery is a Sonoma County based certified organic creamery offering minimally processed milk, cream, yogurt, butter, sour cream, ice cream, and a variety of wholesale and specialty dairy products distributed throughout the Western United States. The creamery makes minimally-processed dairy products from organic milk supplied by family farms in Marin and Sonoma Counties, including the Straus Dairy Farm, which is the first certified organic dairy farm west of the Mississippi River. Straus Family Creamery, the first 100 percent certified organic creamery in the United States, continues to make business decisions based on its mission to help sustain family farms, revitalize rural communities, and protect the environment. The family-owned business sustains collaborative relationships with the family farms that supply it milk, offering stable prices and predictability in what can otherwise be a volatile marketplace. Learn about the Straus difference at StrausFamilyCreamery.com and join us on social here.

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  • Traditional Medicinals

    Traditional Medicinals is a n independent company that embraces sustainability, ingredient purity, and social and environmental activism. A Certified B Corporation and California Certified Green Business, we’re the leading seller of wellness tea in the U.S. and the pioneer of the wellness tea category in the U.S. and Canada. 


    Our roots go back to a third generation herbalist named Rosemary Gladstar, who was raised close to the earth in the farmlands of Northern California. In the late 1960s, while living in the coastal redwood forest, she met community activist and environmentalist Drake Sadler. The young couple was part of a movement of back-to-the-land baby boomers seeking an alternative lifestyle, including natural foods and herbal remedies. Together, they share a vision for the rebirth of herbalism in North America, and in 1974 they co-founded Traditional Medicinals. 


    Today, Rosemary is often referred to as the god mother of modern herbalism. She is a well-respected teacher and author who also founded The California School of Herbal Studies and the nonprofit United Plant Savers. Although no longer active in the company, Rosemary’s original herbal formulas (including Throat Coat, Mother’s Milk and Smooth Move) continue to fulfill the promise of quality and integrity. 


    After decades of leadership, Drake transitioned away from company management and is now focused (with support from Traditional Medicinals Foundation) on working with and empowering the mostly indigenous and impoverished communities around the world that collect and cultivate medicinal plants. These investments in supplier community well-being provide food and water security, access to health care, education and training, economic development, and gender equality. 


    As Rosemary has continued commitment to herbal education, Drake remains passionate about environmental stewardship and social equity. Forever kindred spirits, their founding values are infused into the core principles of the company and serve as a model for responsible business.

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