February 19, 2021

Blair Kellison

Blair Kellison is the CEO of Traditional Medicinals (TM), a mission driven, organic and fair-trade wellness tea company based in Sonoma County, CA. 

Founded by Drake Sadler in 1974, Traditional Medicinals purpose driven social business model has resulted in five decades of commercial success and created a truly sustainable organization. Traditional Medicinals is now the 4th largest bagged tea brand in North America with distribution in 70,000 retail outlets with 250 employees. 

Blair came to TM in 2008 in its 34th year to take over as the company’s first non-founder CEO. 

Blair is a former CPA with Ernst & Young, a brand manager with Nestle, and he received his MBA from Booth at The University of Chicago. 

In 1995, Blair made the best decision of his career by taking a 70% pay cut and trading in his brand manager position at Nestle for one at a mission-driven, vegetarian food company. 

Over the past 25 years, Blair has been the first non-founder CEO of four organizations, each time partnering with the founder to put in place the people, processes, and technology needed for the company to reach its full potential. 

His passion is leadership which he believes requires four P’s — Persistence, Patience, Passion and Purpose. He teaches leaders to patiently persist with purpose and passion as the driving forces for success.