February 19, 2021

Rebekah Lovett

Rebekah Lovett is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations and Compliance for Revive Kombucha. She and her husband Sean launched Revive at the Wednesday night farmer’s market in Santa Rosa in May 2010. An innovation leader in the kombucha category, Revive launched its low sugar, shelf stable Sparkling Kombucha in cans last year and was named “Best New Product” by BEVNET Magazine. Revive was the first to develop 100% herbal and caffeine free kombucha flavors and the first to create an all coffee and all yerba mate kombucha.

  Rebekah began her career in the natural foods industry as a supplements buyer for Whole Foods Market in Chicago where she was born and raised. After moving to Sonoma County, Rebekah advanced into leadership with Whole Foods Market at the Sonoma location and eventually opened the Coddingtown store the same year she launched Revive Kombucha. Rebekah loves the work she does and is proud to work alongside the talented and dedicated team at Revive Kombucha.

  As a woman of color, Rebekah is passionate about racial diversity and equity in the natural products industry. Her experience as an Indian woman in this industry and resident of Sonoma County has highlighted the urgency with which change must be pursued.  

  Fun Fact: Rebekah loves her hometown of Chicago so much that she will tirelessly correct anyone who says that she is “from Petaluma,” by saying “I live in Petaluma, but I am from Chicago.”